Author Readings:

“I had the pleasure of welcoming Alyson Budde into my library as a guest author.  Once a week, for four weeks, she read her book entitled “StarWalker and the Fairy Queen” to grades two and four.  Each week the students would buckle-in for their journey into space with their guide dog, StarWalker.  In this fantasy novel, several different characters were introduced, including fairies, dragons, wizards and gnomes.  The students were engaged and could not wait to see what the next chapter had in store.  Alyson writes with vivid detail, bringing each unique character to life.  Each chapter is a magical adventure.”  

Stacey Robinett, Forest Ridge Elementary School/Optimum Learning Environments Charter School


Alyson is available to speak in classrooms, workshops, and author events to discuss creativity, the writing process, and talk about StarWalker and The Fairy Queen.

Click here to contact her for further inquiry.


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