StarWalker and the Fairy Queen

In a single act of bad fairy magic by her brother, Iliyan (the Fairy Queen) is hopelessly lost and left, utterly without memory, in space. Rescued by StarWalker, healed and helped by a family of shaman dragons, Iliyan’s memory is restored, but the location of her home remains unknown. A journey to the Fairy Star initiates a series of foretold events that reveal Iliyan’s mysterious epic destiny. Meanwhile, on Earth, Nib (an elf) and his gnome friend, Mc*Manigal, stumble into mounting fairy chaos and choose to act to save the Fairy Glen. In Inner Earth, they navigate the treacherous Crystal River rapids, survive the Wizard’s three tests, locate the Inner Earth library, retrieve the Queen’s brother and journey to the heart of Inner Earth to retrieve a critical piece of the puzzle of Iliyan’s disappearance.

StarWalker and the Fairy Queen, Book One of the Fairies in Space saga, is about guts, collaboration, and friendship. In the face of harrowing circumstances, each is tested and revealed a hero. Monumental and Earth-changing magic results from the journey. And none of them could have done it alone.

Click here for a preview and to purchase the book on Amazon

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