“Mental illness will sometimes lift you up to the stars, it will sometimes bring you down to hell and sometimes you will just be awkward on Earth. But, as long as you know that you’re not alone and that your experiences are unique yet valid, just knowing that, you as a person are going to be okay.”
Singer/Songwriter, Sove, talks about creativity and her struggle with OCD and depression.

Photography and concert recording by Micah Fleming (mfleming@willamete.edu)

Music: Gone, by Sove. www.sove-music.com

6 thoughts on “Creativity in a Minute Podcast #2 with Sove

  1. Loving this podcast and hearing from young people about their creative process and experience. I especially appreciated Sove sharing how she is more able to see the impact of her mental illness on her creativity in reflection. As can happen in different expressions of creativity, but especially improvisation, it is all present and in the moment. When we look back, we can make connections that were happening at the time.

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