Creativity in a Minute Podcast #4 with Rose

“Some of the kids who struggle academically – they can shine in this because it is a totally different arena.” Tricia King, Rose’s teacher.

Join is for a very special minute when we hear about improv from 9-year old Rose.

Music References (modified) shared under Attribution 4.0 International license.

Kai Engel, Great Expectations and Summer Days

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Creativity in a Minute Podcast #2 with Sove

“Mental illness will sometimes lift you up to the stars, it will sometimes bring you down to hell and sometimes you will just be awkward on Earth. But, as long as you know that you’re not alone and that your experiences are unique yet valid, just knowing that, you as a person are going to be okay.”
Singer/Songwriter, Sove, talks about creativity and her struggle with OCD and depression.

Photography and concert recording by Micah Fleming (

Music: Gone, by Sove.

Introducing the Creativity in a Minute Podcast

“Children should be seen and not heard” is a 15th Century English proverb, but I remember hearing adults say it when I was young and contemporaries say it when we had small children. The idea that a child might contribute something meaningful is challenging to adults who assume they are in charge.

Young people are aware of this oppressive attitude and their voices are rising, most recently among the youth climate activists. Policymakers have been resistant to action that would protect the most vulnerable communities. Indeed, if we are able to move toward meaningful climate action it will be in no small part because young people have spoken.

The Wonderland Project believes all voices are important and that children arrive with unique capacities to address the challenges that face us all. Silencing them will no longer work. We must listen and ask questions. We must work together to address the problems we have caused and right the course of this Earth ship toward their future.

The Wonderland Project is in a unique position to provide a platform for young voices.

Using improvisation in the classroom develops creative and collaborative competencies, confidence and self-esteem in a safe space where all input is considered valid and valuable, an environment where young voices can be found.

For a time, this blog will host Wonderland’s Creativity in a Minute Podcast, where we will hear young people share their experiences with creativity and school. Each podcast will feature a unique voice. We hope to amplify these voices so that we might hear and reconsider our attitudes toward them. It is time.


Original artwork by Claire Jadulang, age 5.